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We at Allweknowisdank pride ourselves in making the dankest products available on the market. Our parents are meticulously chosen for traits that make awesome cultivars for your garden. We also use New and old school genetics in our strains, all have been tested and proven for results that are out of this world good! All seeds are Organically grown and produced in the heart of the Majestic Rockies. With thorough testing and knowledge to insure the best product at a bare price. Are seeds are affordable, and guaranteed to produce some DANK genetics without breaking the bank. We want you to have quality grown at home just like ours! Because thatís All We Know Is Dank!

Sensiburn OG (From Covert Genetics Pollen)

Laurenís Light F1 (limited availability) $60 per 10 pack

Colorado Bubba (Mom) Sensiburn OG (Dad) A strain made for Lauren Hoover, a friend who was a major contributor to Cannabis in our mountain community. She spread her light and love where ever she went. She unfortunately passed on. I decided to name this beauty after her.
There are 3 phenos. All are similar in taste, smell and resin production. First one I call the fruity pebble pheno which is bubba dominate, the second the Sensiburn Pheno has huge spears that take after dad. And the third one is my favorite i call the keeper is a perfect hybrid of both rock hard resinous buds that are easy to trim a real growers dream.
Med- Heavy Yield
56 to 62 days
50/50 Hybrid

Laurenís Light F2 still in testing


Skwurl Killer (Mom) x Sensiburn OG (Dad)60 per 10 pack

Another Tribute Strain made in honor of my Last beloved GSD Glitch. Itís a collaboration between two of my favorite local breeders. Pollen Nation and CovertGenetics. This greasy heavy hitter is probably one of the most trichome covered OGís Iíve ever seen. One phenotype has more berry smell with lanky Og buds. The other is another lanky but solid yielder Terpenes of slight berry but more creamy smell that literly pukes out crystals. This is a hash makers dream and if you have a tolerance she will put it to the test.
58 to 65 days
Med- Heavy
Indica Hybrid

Gizmo OG

Critters Cookies (Mom) x Sensiburn OG (Dad)60 per 10 pack

Just like the name this one is a cutie like the 80ís movie character. The three known phenotypes have a medium stretch due to the Kosher Kush and Rugburn In both parents. Bud Smell is mostly Cookie dough and gas funk with copious amounts of resin to follow, as all do in Coverts Sensiburn line. This is one real creeper of a strain too!
Med-Heavy yield
58-65 days
Indica Hybrid

Klingon Kandy (retired)

Cookiejar (Mom) (GLS KR8Genetics) x SensiburnOG (Dad)Retired

SnowMonster line
THe White x StarfighterF2

Special Thanks to Exotic Genetix

5th Dimension

Cookie Jar (Mom) (Kr8genetics) X SnowMonster (Dad)60 per 10 pack

A real crowed pleaser! This one I used Cookie Jar because of frost, bred it to add structure to the Genetics of Starfigher and backcrossed the white in both strains making one stunner of a shower. Couple different phenos of this. One is more like mom is structure to Wifi Alien with Platinum Cookie frosty spears strawberry menthol gas smell. The other two are a mix of both parents traits. medium in height with menthol gas ďpurple berryĒ terps to follow.
60 to 65 days
50/50 hybrid
Medium to heavy yield

Fire on the Mountain

Fluffhead OG (Mom) x SnowMonster (Dad)50 per 10 pack

58 to 65 days to Finish.
Medium to Heavy yield
Indica Hybrid

Love Light

Lauren's Light (Mom) x SnowMonster (Dad)50 per 10 pack

Still under testing.

Maximum Overdrive

DNA Diesel (Mom) x Snow Monster (Dad)50 per 10 pack

This one is named after the Steven King 80ís movie for appropriate reasons.
Further Testing needed on this one before release.

Doses and Mimosas

DNA Diesel (Mom) x Orange Herijuana (Dad)50 per 10 pack

This one is Awesome if you like Sours and fruit flavors. Both Phenos smell of Dad Heavily with one leaning towards the Diesel side. Awesome fragrances, plus nice finish times makes this one perfect for any occasion with its sativa dominate profile. Medium hight and a little stretchy.
58 to 65 days
Medium to Heavy

Orange Sunset

Sour Sunset (Crockett) (Mom) x Orange Herijuana (Dad)50 per 10 pack

Needs more information and further testing

It is illegal to germinate or grow in many states, we are not responsible for any illegal action you may take. So please check you local LAWS. WARNING:
Germination of seeds is illegal in most countries.
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We DO NOT encourage anyone to break the law.
We cannot be held responsible for the actions of persons who recieve our seeds. We can distribute seeds to you legally for the use of fishing bait additives or as top grade bird food or as souvenirs.
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For your own protection we 'require' you to inquire about and comply with all local laws governing the reciept and ownership of seeds in your part of the world. In many countries, it is illegal to germinate these seeds. By requesting a gift for a donation, 'you confirm that you checked your local and international law and it is safe to do so and that the responsibility for that decision rests solely upon you.
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